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unicorn power

Help my prom win $1,000

Posted by realatomicx on 01.25.2010 at 22:13
Hi all! I'm a high school senior from Alaska and my homeschool group is putting on a prom this year for all the homeschoolers in my area. Sadly, because of the economu(we think) fundraisers are not bringing in what they did last year, and because of that, our deco budget is barely $400. Which is lame. So, we entered a contest put on by Stumps Prom and Party and to win we need to get the most votes in our state. Right now, we're about 300 votes behind the leader... and the leader keeps adding votes.

If you guys would be willing, can you vote for us? The link is http://contest.stumpsparty.com/index.cfm?oom=vote&group=AK and you should vote for the Valley Homeschool Prom(NOT NENANA). You can vote as many times as you want(once is fine, but more would be fantastic).

It would help us out so much; we're a small group planning a large event with like, no money. It's my last year and I really want my prom to be fantastic this year. Anyway, thanks in advance if you vote!

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