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Posted by melissa8ch on 05.31.2009 at 20:54

Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

Spock says, "Sure, why not"

Posted by jinxhart on 05.23.2009 at 12:48


Plantastic Fanet

Posted by lord007 on 04.17.2009 at 01:46

A remix video using sounds & footage completely from "Fantastic Planet" an animated 1973 science fiction film directed by Rene Laloux.


WTFantastic Planet?

Posted by lord007 on 04.03.2009 at 01:52


Chemical Warfare

Posted by lord007 on 03.05.2009 at 17:51

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Peeping Tom - "Mojo"

Posted by jinxhart on 02.09.2009 at 19:54

Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

whoa, talk about anger managment!!

Posted by jinxhart on 02.06.2009 at 17:02
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Christian Bale loses it when a director of photography accidentally walks on to the set ruining a scene. He drops the F-bomb 36 times. Audio tape below.

Warning: explicit content

He was my first crush at 11. Sweeeet! ;D

Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

@@@ It's Poll Time!!! @@@

Posted by jinxhart on 01.12.2009 at 17:45
Poll #1330008 random_chat

Do you read this community?

Only on Tuesdays
My name is Jujube

Thank you!

You're welcome!
Come again!
Whatever... let me get back to my soap opera...


Techno Kitty

Posted by lord007 on 01.04.2009 at 12:10


Moonlight Synthata

Posted by lord007 on 01.02.2009 at 00:25

Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

Bush shoe video - REMIX

Posted by jinxhart on 12.15.2008 at 13:50


Jolly Roger Jingle

Posted by lord007 on 11.06.2008 at 19:42

$1000 Of Stock

Posted by angrykeyboarder on 10.10.2008 at 15:53
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$1000 Of Stock
Originally uploaded by sandossu

Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret
Posted by jinxhart on 10.08.2008 at 15:51

new vid

Posted by johnnyblank on 10.03.2008 at 16:20
Here's my micro documentary.
Gene Baur, of Farm Sanctuary, interview on Youtube with background music, Tupac Changes and Keep Your Head Up
www.youtube.com/georgiewong - forward it to anyone with 6 minutes.

Thank you all for your support, the next one will be a comedy or music video to mix it up,

The (US) National Weather Service doesn't pull any punches...

Posted by angrykeyboarder on 09.12.2008 at 00:13
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"People sheltering at ground level at Galveston Bay when Hurricane Ike hits face 'certain death'"



Posted by cameronic_soul on 09.02.2008 at 22:45
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And remember...
Take your shoes off before you get on.

Curdling the screaming nether pigeon.

Posted by squidpotion on 08.25.2008 at 13:15
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Not really... we're just throwing candy hearts into a fan.

Just Shoot Me Already

Posted by whoeverwhatever on 08.20.2008 at 11:58
Current Mood: stressedstressed
 I can't take it anymore!!

Pink Lipgloss

Posted by johnnyblank on 08.16.2008 at 10:23
August's music video with piglets rockin' it out
Piglets...awe, so cute


One of my You-Tubings

Posted by squidpotion on 08.11.2008 at 16:28
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Goodbye Suddenly

Posted by johnnyblank on 07.10.2008 at 04:37
my first music video



Happy 4th of July - Skeleton Music Video

Posted by lord007 on 07.05.2008 at 19:54

I'm not entirely sure how I wrote this..I hadn't slept in awhile soo ... =)

Posted by xoxoalex on 06.22.2008 at 03:40
Current Mood: crazycrazy

Weeellll I'm writing this since my internets all fucked out. This is so gay. I'm so bored. Just sitting here writing meaningless shittt on wordpad to post on muuy blog later, hehe. Yeaa i'm cool like thatt... nooott :) Yeeea, i was pissed at some one a few seconds ago, and now I forget..So I guess it couldn't have been that big. ehhh. I think imah go crazy. All i have it music and wordpad.. and a FUCKING SQUEEKY ANOOYING SHIT CAKE CRAP OF A CHAIRRR.. argh. Oh and I have nailpolish. But mahh nails are already painted so it doesn't really matter. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrr. I have earrings..a calculater, a nail file, MUSIC, candles, uhh cds, A BIG JAR OF PENNIEEEES, paper..OOO mabeh I can draw! uhh, there's a pencil, a keyboard, a computer, a desh, me, a door, windows that I keep seeing people outside off, walls....A....PHONE BOOK! creepy little boys huddling under the desk eating my feeet,, uuhh, A VACUUM, a butterfly lamp, a cat, a candle that reminds me of the kkk, a picture of my moms brother with out a shirt onn...he looks kinda hott in itt, a brooom, OOO A LIGHT THAT CHANGES COLOURSS! oh wait why am I listing random shitt. I'm confused noww. okay anyways. Imah talk about something meaningful now. something DEEP and meaningful. Something that's gonna come straight from the hearrrt. Something [u]horrible[/u] happened today... it broked my harrt and my life is over now..Life is no longer worth living, it is much to horrible now....My earphones broked... </3 :'( Yea yea, they were shitty 3 dollar earphones from like the dollarstore, but god damn I LUHVED THEM, they let meeh listen to myy music loud without muuy mom making me turn it downn, like so loud i couldn't hear things after and my ears would ring after. They also let me pretend I couldn't hear people talking to mee when they want meeh to do stuff like dishes, oh earphones how amazing you were. I loved you with all my harht and now your dead, dead and gone. Imah miss you bbs. R.I.P. </3

You know what else is horrible...? Killer bees. I saw part of that movie and I am officaly scarred for LIFE. They're seriously killer mang, big groups of dem swarm around you and STING you to death, imagine that a sloww slooww horrible agonizing painful death..BY BEES. The scariest animalls inn deeh world. oh yea the movie, well some people did something to make them come from africa to like the US and then all ova the world and they'd kill EVERYONEEE. Just fucking gang beat or uh sting them to death. In one part there's this cute little old lady in her house tryna not die and like closing all the windows and shutting out the bees. But she forgets the uh whats it called..oh yea fireplace. So all the bees come down the fireplace and sting her to death and she dies horribly and painfully. SCARRED ME FOR LIFE.

Oh there's another movie that scarred me for life to, actually many have. There's this one gangsturrr movie and this random pimp guy is like sitting on a matress and some chick is like under it right, and like he's doin that cuz apparently she did something he didn't want her to and she's screaming and shit and getting squashed and suffocating while her little daughters hiding and crying in the bathroom. I dunno, that movvie part really depressed and scarrred meeeh. oh, SAW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ECTT fricking scarreed me to, don't think I need to explain why those one's did...ewh.

Oh talking of kids that reminds me of cannibals. Cannibals are scary. I'm a cannibal. Even though I am a vegetarian. I don't kill them horribly like other animals are for meat, so I don't feel bad. OH MAN. I had this teacher in grade 7 and he was crazey, he went to this place like nepal or something and met ACTUAL cannibals or whatever. hehe... I wish he woulda beenn eaten, he was so annoyying and retarrrded. OMGG, he was scary to. He'd like freak out and randomly shoutt lol. He used to dump peoples desks all the time too. LOL, he'd dump erica's desk like EVERYDAYY, ahahha oh man. I think I only got my desk dumped like what,, once, since I'd just move all my schooly books to the front and turn then up so it would look like my desk was actually clean while it was really actually SOOO MESSY. Ahahahah. Elementry school was shit. So is high school. Oh well atleast there's more guyys.

oh. Amazing song = You Cannot Rape The Willing by Emanuel. The songs okayy i guess, but the names fucking awesome and makes up for the songs lack of awesomeness =) LEAN LIKE A CHOLO is even for more AMAZING. It's just plain made of awesomeness. Meeh and Brandon soo found it one day and it was like..amazing. It's just tooh gangster. It also made Brandon = cholo Alex = Chola =D oh cholo, chola = gangster . So yea we're prettyy ballinn.

HAHHAH you know what's amaazingg? Whenever my mother gives anyone a ride the first thing they say to me is usualy "Your mom scares me.." oh that makes me feel so cool =D

I have one thing to say to you internet... FUCK YOU. =( </3

What am I supposed to do now, It's like 2:24 am and there's nothing to do. Sleep? no no. why would I sleep. WTFF?! sleep?!?. That's messed. Whoeever said that has HEADD PROBLEMSS. God. I was about to talk to my darling Diana but then boom, the internet just died, blue up, dissappeaered, spasmed, had a fatal stroke, overdosed, died, cries, crusified, justified, LUSTIFIED, BUSTIFIED, MODIFIED, GODLIFIED, BODIFIED, MYSTIFIEEDD, GUIDE. Wow wtf? I just realised I'm making no sense. Mabye I should sleep.. huuumm, no. Sleepings bad for you didn't you know? When you sleep little aliens creepy into your head and replay annoying songs like banana phone over and over again. Also little grinch babies rape you. Yes. GRINCH BABIES. MY grinch babies. That i had with the grinch. Ew... my own children rape me. That's disturbing. Very disturbing. I think I would like some cofffeee right now. That would be nice. mmm...the coffee that joe guy brought to the beach that one time. That was amazing coffee. Everyone drank it all though. Then it was god. :( that was sad. I misss that coffee. Oh well, It's in heaven now isn't it? Dog heaven. Yesmm, where all the little zombie children go when they pass over. =) oh.. that reminds me, my kitties missing :( my little black one, Lola. That's the second cat that's just dissappeared since I've moved heree. Its sad. I mishes her. Comadore ( Sir Comadore Fluffy Paws) dissappeared a few months ago. ahah, he had a epic name. :)

I really should be a scientist. Look at what i just discovered. Papples. (Pinapples) Like hoolyy shitt skittles.. It's like a pinapple except a pinapple...papple...PA) (PPLE. Its really genious in it's own way. It might be to complex for some poele to understand, but trust me, it shalt change lives, mabye even cure cancer, or even solve complex allgerbraic math equaters. Oh those will be the days... My papples will bring the world into a aluminium age, an age where no one will have to work, no one will ever be sick, there will be no world hunger, no jealously, no hate, no racism, nothing nothing at all, just my Papples. That's right. Papples will eventually rule the world, mabye even space, they may eeven be god. There will be alters everywhere to worship these dear papples, people will love and kill for them, people would even kill innocent puppies for the papples. If the papples told you to kill your whole family, you would. You would do it for your faith, your complete and utter brilliant llving diplomatic efficient caring constructive effernecent magnificant beligerint ka ka ka ka row rififrick faith. As says the first ammendment: THOUH SHALT OBEY THE PAPPLES. AHMEN. Oh and, instead of saying hail marrys, it shalt be hail jackles. Yes, shall it be written shall it be told.

Would you like to dapple in some papple?



The used has asked a interesting question to me.. "how can a fist fight be romantice?" Well you see. When 2 people love eeachother very very much, sometimes they will come down with something called Frantaclemissisipimonarocitrispakajellow. This causes them to swoon (what does that mean?) and sing rock paper romance love songs to eachother while ever so slowly and lovingly get into random fistfights with eachother. Unfortunately this disease usualy ends in death my muntant papers eating them. But such is life, such is life.

For some reason my earphones are working now..I used them..then took them off and now my music is coming from the other room. How can this be. I think someones following me, trying to make me think I'm crazy. Moving my music to other rooms. SIMON. I'M ONTO YOU MAN. I KNOW YOUR DOING THIS. I have a feeling some one may be a crackerhead....The kangaroo on the dunaroo boxes...........MOFG. KANGAROO & DUNKAROO.Do you people see a connnexxxion here?! Cuz i do. I DO I DO I DO! They book have Ks in them.. woah. look at this Kangaroo dunKaroo. Thats one K away from being kkk, thats racist and bad. woah, i think i may have stumbled onto something big here peoplee, a secret, a very dark deep secrety secret. Kangaroos and Dunkaroos are are.. are...YAHTZIES.

Yahtzies would like to ask me a few questions here THEY are...

HOW ARE YOU?: oh golly geee, i'm just sweeeeelll.


WHY ARE YOU INTERVIWING YOURSELF?: holy fuck, i just noticed I was doing this. Okay alex, No more imaginary friends. This has to stop. You know how this just gets out of hand, one second your joking about this then bam, next second your buying them puppies and rain bones, bows, crocks, crickets, calenders, shit like that. This really can't go on. Banish them, banish thsoe sinful thoughts right now. oh mawng, my head, aghhhhhhh, my head feels embarassed. This isn't a good feeling, my throat feels tired, my fingers are excited, my arms are crocodiles, my neck is in pain, my back is getting prickled, and my legs have dissappeared.

I honestly don't know how late/early it is, I think I may try to have a nap now. Drink about sugarplums and fairies and when I wake up santa clause will have been here and left me somg fresh puppies. That will be nice. Oh how I love santa. <3 God nightt, I think i may sleep on the desk =)

HOLY FUCK, SOMETHING JUST MOVED, I SAW IT TRHOUH THE DOOR, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP NOW? SOMETHINGS WATCHING ME FROM THE BATHROOM. OH GOD. IM A GONNER. HOLY SHIT, SOMETHING TO MY RIGHT THAT WAS WHITE JUST LOOKED AT ME THEN DISSAPPEARED. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. Okay. I'm just going to calm down..setlle donw.. stop looking to the side since theres fucking people there and then they disseapper, just listen to some nice soothing musicc..stop thinking about the little boy underneath the desk touching my feet.. listen to some nice music, scratch my finger, trace in pen and fall asleep.. okay...now that your call gentrly drift off to dream landdd...wooooooosshhhh.

mah. I can't sleep while people watch me, i think i'll write a story. yess. a storyy.


Rememberr, make sex, not rape.

There once was a butterfly, beautiful as could be
she tried as hard as she could to flee,
from everything and anything,
she just couldn't deal,
she just didn't feel real,
she just needed to find a meaning.
Something to make her feel whole,
something more,
some thing she could hold and see,
Something to just help her be



Videogames♥LOZ Midna Regret

don't be lazy... click! it's worth it!!

Posted by jinxhart on 06.20.2008 at 16:14

Click "Launch Photo Gallery" to see pics... people (or dogs) ruining pictures... very funny!!

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